Photo credit: This photo by: Maria Teneva

Welcome to TWEETS WEEKLY, curated by David Thrift.

TWEETS WEEKLY is a blog that brings it’s viewers a weekly collection of some of the best content seen on Twitter by the curator. Each weekly post contains embedded tweets from Twitter so that you get to see the actual information that was tweeted out by content creators, and can interact with the content creators by clicking on the tweets.

This blog was created by it’s curator for the purpose of providing a system of archiving interesting Twitter content and events (mostly for himself), and sharing the content with viewers who may have similar content interests.

Mark your calendar! A new issue of TWEETS WEEKLY is posted each Monday.


  • TWEETS WEEKLY 001 – For Monday, May 3rd, 2021. There are 50+ tweets embedded on this page. You may need to give the page a minute to load up. In future issues, I will break them down into “parts” of 30 tweets each to save on loading time.

NOTICE: It’s important to note that because the tweets are syndicated through embedding on our blog posts, the content is only viewable on this site. That means, if you are subscribed to receive emails each time a new post is made here, then the embedded tweets will not show up in your email. You will need to click the link in the email to jump over to the post on this site to view the content as intended.